Early Intervention for Autistic Families

Provides holistic services for low-income families with children 2-6 years of age newly diagnosed with autism.
Offers parents effective professional guidance and emotional assistance to help relieve their psychological stress, and master the direction of rehabilitation and choice of appropriate treatment.

Career Planning for Autistic Youths

Autistic youths are trained in the technical skills of aquaponics farming and associated career fields for future employment.

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Build a Better World with Love, Co-creation and Inclusion.

LoveXpress Foundation Limited is a charitable organisation formed in 2015. We aim at nurturing love and integration of autistic individuals in our society by co-creating a platform with partners from different sectors of the community, integrating their skills and resources, and together, create synergy to empower the autistic community.

Through a series of Care for Autism activities, LoveXpress hopes to inspire and motivate people from all walks of life to understand the special circumstances and needs of autistic families, and extend compassionate care and support to them. 

You can make donations, buy our charity products, or become our volunteers to help us achieve our mission.

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