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Build a Better World with Love, Co-creation and Inclusion

Founder’s Message

“I deeply believe that everyone has a giving heart. When we link up all the love and compassion innate in everyone, we possess a powerful strength that can effectively affect people around us, eventually transforming society. LoveXpress is like a prime mover and a planner, connecting individuals, organisations and institutions to share their skills and resources, creating synergy to help communities in need of care. We hope that we can have an open mind, a modest attitude and a steadfast resolve to co-create a better world!”

Ms. Kitty Poon

Board of Directors

Kitty Poon


Katherine Lu


Irene Suen


Paul Wong


Phoebe Fung

Executive Director

Operation Team

Doris To

Senior Manager

Ealiser Law

Project Manager

Gigi Lai

Project Officer

Sum Leung

Project Officer

Ceci Chan

Project Officer

Ms. Chau


Nicole Law

Graphic Designer

Simon Lo

Social Worker

Think Tank

Ida Chi


Karen Chan


Pace Tang


Ginnie Chu

Branding and Marketing


  • Prof. Kenneth Sin Director of Centre of Special Educational needs and Inclusive Education
  • Nancy Tsang Former CEO of Heep Hong
  • Dr. Henry Kwok Psychiatrist
  • Monique Ho Media Creator
  • Dr. Kelvin Cheung Clinical Assistant Professor of the University of Hong Kong
  • Tyrone Chan Financial Investment Expert
  • Dorothy Wong Senior Psychological Counselor’
  • Roger Chan Expert Social Worker
  • Martha Mao Chairman of Hong Kong Medical and Healthcare Device Industries Association
  • May Ho Education Services
  • Patricia Kho Marketing Director