Our Charity Business Model

Charities have long been relying on donations to maintain their operations, but it is not enough on its own. To truly make a lasting impact, charities must engage in long-term planning and proper resource allocation to maximise their benefits.

By harnessing resources from various industries, LoveXpress have established multiple social enterprise brands that operate in a self-sufficient and sustainable manner. Our approach is built on promoting cooperation between different fields, combining professional knowledge and technology in one cohesive platform, and empowering all stakeholders to play an indispensable role.

We hire individuals in need and provide them with professional training, they give back to society and customers enjoy our services while contributing back to charity. This creates a powerful cycle of investment and resource allocation, where charity and business can be carried out simultaneously, leading to the idea that philanthropy can be replicated, expanded, and sustained over time.

We believe that everyone has the capacity for love and a desire to make a difference. By working together, we can transform this potential into a powerful force for positive change. LoveXpress connects people from different sectors to work together, contribute to society and give back to the general public at the same time. Through our efforts, we strive to create a more inclusive and prosperous world for all.

Organisation Structure

A child diagnosed with ASD require ample support and care for a happy upbringing. When grown up, these youths often face struggles in the workplace, and a nurturing greenhouse environment is needed to train these youths for successful future careers. With this in mind, LoveXpress’ social enterprises are dedicated to provide assistance for autistic individuals from all stages of life, giving them the resources and training they need to embark on their journey with confidence and success.

The proceeds from all four social enterprises doesn’t only contribute towards their own growth, but also towards LoveXpress and the whole organisation structure, forming a charitable business with unlimited possibilities.


An all-encompassing, end-to-end treatment centre that offers family-centric services and therapy support. The charity business also offers subsidised funding to assist underprivileged families who may struggle to find effective, high-quality rehabilitation services in Hong Kong.

Collaboration Opportunities

  • Join our team – become one of our supporting arms

Green Skies

A cultivating training ground for ASD youths to build their career skills through Aquaponics – a modern sustainable farming method that raises fish and vegetables in a closed-loop system. The work is suitable for autistic individuals’ skillsets, such as their ability to focus on routine tasks, and gives the youths an edge in the soon-to-be in high demand industry.

Collaboration Opportunities

  • Workshops – inquire more about Aquaponics
  • Implementation – LoveXpress can help implement aquaponic systems in schools and more

The Edible Projects (T.E.P.)

The Edible Projects has two cafés in Peng Chau and Sham Shui Po that offers a relaxing and quiet environment for youths to build their hospitality-related skillsets. Aside from training these youths, the cafés frequently host regular social services such as workshops and events for SEN and low-income families.

Collaboration Opportunities

  • Franchise a Café – LoveXpress is open to collaborate with passionate individuals to start new cafés

T.E.P. Ready-to-Cook

A branch of T.E.P. that sells ready-to-cook frozen packets contributed by autistic individuals. The retail platform aims to reach a broader audience by selling products online via a wide range of distributors, subsequently increasing job opportunities for more individuals as well.

Collaboration Opportunities

  • Distribution – Sell our products for a good cause

Add your strength to ours

Cooperation between different fields is essential for a self-sufficient business model.

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