“LoveXpress – LoveRoller” SEN Roller-skate Charity Competition

Roller skating is a very challenging sport for autistic children. From the start when the child puts on the roller skates to the moment when the child can finally roller-skate freely, the process requires tremendous effort and determination to overcome fear and build up confidence.

LoveXpress Foundation has rolled out “LoveXpress – LoveRoller SEN Sport  Workshop” for SEN children for over half a year and after months of unrelenting hard fun work, the children have successfully harnessed the roller skates! 

LoveXpress will host the LoveXpress SEN Roller-skate Charity Competition, encouraging SEN children to set the goal to brave hardships, persist and strive their best in roller skating. Together with their parents, they will play positively, rollaway obstacles along the way, and enjoy the fruit of affirmation after much sweat and hard work.

We hope to expand the horizon and opportunities for autistic children. We invite you to extend your generous support in our fundraising efforts for  the LoveXpress  SEN Roller-skate Charity Competition. Promote Positive Potential and Donate

  * All funds raised will be allocated to the operation of SEN Sport Workshops

Competition details:

Date:   4 Oct 2022 (Tue) Public Holiday
Time:   10:00am-5:00pm
Venue: Southorn Stadium ( 111 Johnston Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong )

“LoveXpress – LoveRoller” SEN Roller-skate Charity Competition
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