About LoveXpress

About LoveXpress

LoveXpress Foundation Limited is a charitable organisation formed in 2015 (Charity file number: 91/13813).

LoveXpress was founded by three women who had established themselves in their respective professional fields for many years. They held a deep conviction to render care and support to families with special needs. Under the impetus of Kitty Poon, LoveXpress Foundation Limited was established to offer help to the growing community of families with autistic children.

We deeply believe that everyone has a giving heart. When we link up all the love and compassion innate in everyone, we possess a powerful strength that can effectively affect people around us, eventually transforming society. LoveXpress is like a prime mover and a planner, connecting individuals, organisations and institutions to share their skills and resources, creating synergy to help communities in need of care. We hope that we can have an open mind, a modest attitude and a steadfast resolve to co-create a better world!

Kitty Poon, Founder of LoveXpress Foundation


We aim at nurturing love and integration of individuals with autism in our society by co-creating a platform with partners from different sectors of the community, integrating their skills and resources, and together, create synergy to empower the autistic community.


Build a Better World with Love, Co-creation and Inclusion.

Our Social Enterprise

"Green Skies Company Limited"

Green Skies is a social enterprise specially created to offer employment opportunities to autistic individuals.
“Aquaponics” – a sustainable farming method raising fish and vegetables in a closed-loop system, echoes our belief that “Life Impacts Life”. The symbiotic relationship between fish and plant is comparable to mutual cooperation between autistic individuals and the general public. It is our hope that through aquaponics, the community can support sustainable agriculture, promote green living, help autistic youths integrate in the community and establish future development opportunities.

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