Community Inclusion Program

Through the concept of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), help autistic youths in employment and inclusive education.


  • Provide various internship opportunities for autistic students
  • Let students know more about their interested occupations (e.g. High-tech farmers, Research assistants, Farm managers, Kitchen assistants, Catering staff, Venue managers, Retail packaging, etc.)

Aquaponics and Autism

  • Aquaponics is relatively modelled, making it easier for autistic students to master
  • Aquaponics is one of the high-tech agriculture which is easier than traditional agriculture, and shorter working hours
  • Improve the social and communication skills of autistic students through collaboration and communication at work
  • Green living has a positive impact on mood, helping Autistic young to release body-mind harmony
  • The demand of  science and technology agriculture is increasing, if Autistics can master the skills, it would enhance their employment opportunities.

Service Target

Charity organisation, school, business and the public

Social Impact

  • Increase community awareness and understanding of autism
  • Enhance skills and employment opportunities for autistic youth
  • Expand and show more the possibilities of urban agriculture
  • Promote the positive impact of green living on body and mind


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