Career Planning for High-functioning Autism


The Career Planning Program is designed to match autistic students and employers before the students graduate, offering interview training and career plan counselling to autistic students and their parents. The program will also help corporations  design possible vacancies and  utilise the students’ strengths. 

  • Inspire parents to identify their children’s strengths as early as possible and assist them to develop their strengths
  • Company visits to broaden autistic youths’ horizon and knowledge
  • Experimental workshops give them actual “combat” experience and help them clarify their goals and direction
  • Internship at corporations help autistic youths understand the working procedures of the business environment, and prepare them for future integration into society
  • Pre-employment workshops help them understand employers’ general requirements, and learn about communication at the workplace.
  • Matching employment not only helps autistic youths find suitable jobs, but also share with fellow company employees how to effectively communicate with autistic youths and create a tolerant, understanding and harmonious working environment

Target group

High-functioning autistic youths aged 15-30

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