Early Intervention for Autistics – Children

For Autistic children, professional treatment is very important at this stage. By cooperating with professional treatment centers, the therapist will first conduct a “ability development assessment” for the child and provide 10 appropriate treatments according to the “assessment report”. The “Progress Report” advises parents on the future treatment direction.

Assessment and treatment process

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What is a child development assessment?

  • Assess the main areas of growth for children: cognitive, speech, social, emotional and communication skills
  • Evaluated by speech therapists and special education teachers
  • Use different assessment tools and health, family and learning background surveys to fully reflect children’s ability in different development areas
  • After the assessment is completed, the therapist will provide parents with professional diagnosis and written assessment reports detailing the child’s developmental capacity and needs, and recommend treatment options.


For whom is the Child Development Assessment for?

Mainly for children suspected of having developmental delays, for example, in many aspects of development, it has not achieved the ability of children of the same age.


The importance of child development assessment:

  • According to the mileage of children’s growth and development, let teachers and parents understand the learning priorities and training goals of children at different stages of growth.
  • Early intervention and preparation of appropriate training programs for children
  • Enhance children’s overall ability and development

Speech therapy assessment

  • Pronunciation
  • Language understanding and expression: word use, grammar mastery
  • Speech fluency: speed, fluency
  • Sound: vocal cord condition, vocal function
  • Social cognition: emotional control, communication skills, organizational skills, executive ability
  • Pre-writing and writing literacy skills: phonological awareness, reading comprehension, writing ability

Mental development assessment

  • Game skill
  • Basic cognition
  • Speech fluency: speed, fluency
  • Social and emotional skillsn
  • Preschool knowledge and skills
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