Early Intervention for Autistic Families – Family

Children emotion relief and Parent-Child Bonding & Social Activities

Home visit is an important element of the whole project. Through therapist visits and parent-child activities, not only can the family feel loved, but also more understand the child’s progress and their needs to better assist them. Home visit time will be arranged by the therapist and the families.

In addition, through parent-child bonding activities, it helps children form a social groups and meet friends. Parents can also share their experiences in educating their children and create a mutual aid platform to take a step forward in social life.

  1. Never give up
    At present, there are many different treatments for autistics. Although some treatments can only relieve symptoms, but still many children have achieved significant improvement after professional training. As long as the parents do not give up and continue to carry out the rehabilitation plan for their children, their behavior and learning ability can still be improved in long term.

  2. Strengthen communication and caring
    Lack of communication and care is the problem of many autistic children. Parents should actively create opportunities to talk to their children. Make sure you provide a regular communication  time with your children. You can also choose parent-child games in a targeted manner to awaken your child’s desire for communication.

  3. Unified education standpoint
    Inconsistent education methods among parents, elders, and families are the catalysts for autism. It is important to unify education concepts inside and outside. What parents have to do is to observe their children from multiple angles, and they can also learn about the situation from their children’s teachers and listen to the suggestions of teachers and therapists.

  4. Build children’s confidence
    Low self-esteem is autistics’ powerful killer, parents should help children build self-confidence. Children with autism often feel that they are inferior to others in many aspects, so praise and encouragement are of great significance to them.
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