Early Intervention for Autistic Families – Family

Harmony, mutual help, and a loving family atmosphere are the most important elements to help autistic children grow, and they are the best defense net for families to face challenges. Among them, parent-child activities can not be ignored, coupled with monthly volunteer volunteer visits, hope to add strength and comfort to autistic families.


Home Visit

Home visits are an important element of the whole plan. Through monthly volunteer visits, not only can the children’s families feel cared for, but they can also learn about their progress in the whole activity and understand their needs. Assist them. Each group of volunteers is composed of 2 volunteers and visits a total of 6 times. The time schedule will be met by volunteers and families.


Family activities

I hope that through parent-child activities, I can help my children build social groups and meet friends. Parents can also share their experiences in educating their children and create a platform for mutual help to take their children on the social path.



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