Early Intervention for Autistic Families – Child

Initial Development Assessment and Specialist Therapy
  • Assess children’s main areas of development: cognitive, verbal, social, emotional and communication skills
  • Assessment by speech therapist and special education teacher
  • Use different assessment tools and health, family and learning background surveys to comprehensively reflect children’s abilities in different areas of development
  • After the assessment, therapist will provide parents with a professional diagnosis and written assessment report detailing the child’s developmental capabilities and needs, and recommending treatment options
The importance of child development assessment:
  • Let teachers and parents understand children’s learning priorities and training goals at different stages of development according to the milestones of children’s growth and development
  • Early intervention and provide appropriate training programs for children
  • Enhance children’s overall ability and development
Speech Therapy assessment:
  1. Pronunciation
  2. Language Comprehension and Expression: Word Use, Grammar Mastery
  3. Speech fluency: speed, fluency
  4. Vocalization: vocal cord status, vocal function
  5. Social cognition: emotional control, communication skills, organizational skills, executive skills
  6. Pre-writing and writing literacy: phonological awareness, reading comprehension, writing ability
Evaluation of Mental Development:
  1. Game skills
  2. Basic cognition
  3. Social and emotional skills
  4. Preschool knowledge and skills
Service provider:
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