Early Intervention for Autistic Families


At the stage when the child is just diagnosed with autism,  the parents need help and guidance so as not to delay the golden period of rehabilitation before 6 years old.

At present, public medical and social service support for autistics still require a long waiting period after initial diagnosis. LoveXpress, partnering with different professional, education and social institutions, has developed a holistic one-year program, “Early Intervention for Autistic Families” , to help low-income families during this period. The program, which includes professional therapies, emotion counselling, parents’ training, social networking and home visits, helps parents accept and positively face the realities of autism, and methodically helps them plan the growth and development of their children within the golden treatment period of 0-6 years of age.


​By supporting kids with Autism and their parents, establish and strengthen the ability of the entire family to face challenges together so that Autism kids can receive more appropriate care.​

  1. Grasp the golden treatment period of 0 to 6 years of age  and provide appropriate support and referral services for Autistic families.

  2. Give parents effective guidance and counseling strategies for parents to master their children’s growth needs and effectively plan appropriate counseling directions.

  3. Emphasis is placed on alleviating the emotions and pressures that parents derive from nurturing children with autism spectrum disorders, and promoting communication and internal support systems among family members.

  4. Establish a mutual support network between autistic parents to enhance their ability to face difficulties and establish a self-help system.

Target Group

Low-income families with children (ages2-6) diagnosed with autism

Service Preiod

12 months

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