Families facing financial struggles often face challenges when it comes to putting food on the table. Our sub affiliate The Edible Project’s Food Assistance Program aims to provide low-income families with Ready-to-Cook food packages and other necessary supplies through the help of our ASD community. We have supported over 1,000 families since, and we hope to continue lessening the burden and providing healthy, delicious meals to more families.

Furthermore, our Food Assistance Program not only provides much-needed support to low-income families, but it also provides valuable job opportunities for members of our ASD community. We hire individuals with ASD to help prepare and distribute the ready-to-cook food packages, giving them an opportunity to gain job skills and experience.

Supporting our initiative means not only providing families with much-needed assistance but also helping to create a more inclusive society that values the contributions that individuals with ASD can make.

Target Group

Low-income families


  • Create employment opportunities for the ASD community
  • Provide low-income families with high-quality meals and a touch of warmth
  • Promote charitable acts by inviting people from all walks of life to participate and volunteer in this program
  • Ready-to-Cook food packages have a longer shelf life than fresh food, reducing food waste and providing families with flexibility at all times.
  • Shop while supporting the ASD community and low-income families at the same time

Ways to Support

Spend to Support

10% of gross profit from purchasing The Edible Project’s Ready-to-Cook food packages will directly contribute towards the Food Assistance Program.

Direct Donation

Choose to donate any amount to support the Food Assistance Program. Every $100 provides a family with one month’s worth of supplies.

Await Email

We welcome enterprises to donate and participate. Organisations with a specified number of orders can volunteer and assist in the packaging and delivery process.

Project Manager

Doris To

Main Contact

Ealiser Law

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Contribute to our vision of building an inclusive and supportive society