LoveXpress’ subaffiliate, Greenskies, is home to the largest rooftop aquaponics farm in Hong Kong, where we’re committed to providing occupational opportunities for individuals with ASD while also promoting sustainable and organic farming practices. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, we’re able to grow delicious and nutrient-rich vegetables in a way that respects the environment and provides healthy options for our community.

In addition to providing occupational opportunities, we’re dedicated to educating the public about the benefits of aquaponics farming. Our farm offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience this innovative and sustainable form of agriculture firsthand. We also offer volunteer opportunities for those who share our passion for creating positive social change.

Our vegetables are used in The Edible Projects, our sub-affiliate cafes, offering customers a healthy and sustainable dining option. We also offer farmer baskets, giving individuals the opportunity to taste the goodness of our organic vegetables while supporting our cause.

Ways to Support

Buy Farmer Basket

Purchase one of our farmer baskets and enjoy the goodness of our organic vegetables while supporting our cause.

Direct Donation

Take a guided tour of the beautiful Chinese Medicine Garden of CUHK, where you’ll learn about the history and cultural significance of Chinese herbal medicine.

Visit Us

Witness aquaponics in action as you observe a demonstration on seedlings and fish feeding, an integral part of the aquaponics system.


Explore the fascinating history of Chinese medicine and learn about the different types of Chinese herbal medicine through a tour of the Chinese Medicine Museum.

Project Manager and Main Contact

Gigi Lai


  • Louis Pun

Green Skies

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Green Skies was established with the vision to provide better career opportunities for SEN youths. See how your child can make a difference in the aquaponics farming industry.