Jelly Art Workshop

A. Jelly Arts Class (for parents)

  • Promote social awareness, share knowledge of autism.
  • Amplify the important role of parenting on the personal development of children, be they normal or special need.
  • The meditative and fulfilling result from the making of jelly art throughout the highly attentive and reciprocal process, helps parents experience and empathise the difficulties their children face when learning new skills.
Workshop Details
  1. For safety reason, the recommended age of participant is aged 8 or above. Since there will be sharp tools, hot water and electricity cables around the working table, parents are also required to take care and monitor the safety of their young children during class.
  2. The price quoted (HKD600) is on family base, i.e. 1 parent (or care taker) plus 1 child. Same price will apply if an older student wants to join without parental company.
  3. As the core project of Lovexpress is ‘Care for Autism’, we appreciate the chance to give a short talk (20 mins.) about what autism is at each session. Autistic youths (plus a parent for each) who have mastered the Jelly Art skills, may join us as helper on the event day.

B. Jelly Arts Class (for general public)

  • Promote social awareness.
  • Share knowledge of autism with the public.
  • Introduce the meditative and fulfilling end result through the experience of making jelly art dessert.
Workshop Details

*Tools and material are available for sale at LoveXpress after the workshop

Contact us at 28960323 for more information.

Sample end product photos:

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