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It is very difficult to organize interest classes for children with special educational needs from grassroots families, as it requires the participation of professionals from different fields to achieve results, and there are few options available, which are also costly.

Therefore, LoveXpress hopes to cooperate with various charitable organizations to launch different types of special education sports training interest classes to provide them with equal opportunities to participate in different sports. With the assistance of special education therapists through sports training, we aim to enhance their interest in participating and allow instructors to create more interest classes for special education children, thus discovering their potential.

In addition to providing training, we also hope to hold different public competitions in the future to help special education children establish goals and feel a sense of success after hard work and perseverance. This will enable parents and children to work together, create a healthy and positive force, and walk the path together.

Why we organize interest classes for SEN children ?

Yes, but there are limited choices, the cost is high and the result is not ideal.

Tutors in the market usually focus on skills and knowledge. They may not have much knowledge about the characteristics of SEN children, and usually the result is not satisfactory.

  • By participating in interest classes, it is effective in improving learning, following instructions, building confidence, concentration and social skills.
  • Provide diverse interest classes to explore the potential from children’s interests.
  • Allow parents to see the possibilities of their children and enhances parent-child relationships.

What are the benefits of exercise classes for SEN children?

  • effectively improve learning
  • listen to instructions
  • build self-confidence
  • improve concentration
  • Improve social skills
  • Discover children’s potential
  • Improve parent-child relationship

Deadline for application: May 1, 2023


Children classes

Phrase 2 timetable please Click here

Phrase 1  (Feb-Apr)

  • Indoor roller skating
  • Indoor Roller Skating (Advanced)
  • Taekwondo
  • Karate
  • Boxing
  • Indoor golf
  • Tennis
  • Stretching
  • Traditional bow
  • Flight simulator

第二期 (5-8)

  • 室內滾軸溜冰
  • 室內滾軸溜冰 (進階)
  • 跆拳道
  • 拳擊
  • 室內高爾夫球
  • 網球
  • 兒童體能及伸展
  • 室內田徑

Parent stress relief classes

Timetable please click here

  • Points of you
  • Coffee Healing
  • Pastel Nagomi Art
  • Zentangle

Parent-child classes

Timetable please click here

  • Pastel Nagomi Art
  • Horticultural workshop
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