LoveXpress Food Package Program

2 x free “LoveXpress Food Package” distributes to low-income families every month

Each “LoveXpress Food Package” consists of 2 dishes, 1 soup and fresh vegetables that serves 2-3 people.

Support Career Development for Autistic Youths specialise in aquaponics

The program provides autistic youths with 6 months’ training and internship in Aquaponics, provide them with more career options.

Community support agriculture and promote urban farming

Harvest grown by autistic youths will be delivered to each sponsor every other month as a token for their generous support.

How to Support Our Program

Supporters can choose to sponsor 2, 6, 12 or 24 months’ fresh veggie baskets

2 months (HK$500 x 2 = HK$1,000)
Supporter will receive 3 fresh veggie baskets

6 months (HK$500 x 6 = HK$3,000)
Supporter will receive 3 fresh veggie baskets

12 months (HK$500 x 12 = HK$6,000)
Supporter will receive 6 fresh veggie baskets

24 months (HK$500 x 24 = HK$12,000)
Supporter will receive 6 fresh veggie baskets

*You can also choose “NOT receiving” tasting harvest to maximise my donation,helping more beneficiaries.

Delivery / Pick-up Dates: 1st Wednesday of each month
Delivery / Pick-up Time: 11:00am – 6:00pm
Delivery Service: Hong Kong Only (except outlying islands and remote areas)
Pick-up Location: 9F, Chi Ko Industrial Bldg, 17 Cheung Lee Street, Chai Wan

One-off Donation

LoveXpress Food Package Program

$ 12,000
選擇捐款方式 Select Payment Method
個人資料 Personal Information

捐款總額 Donation Total: $12,000

Urganic produce brought to you by :

Green Skies Aquaponics (Social Enterprise)
We aim to encourage green living and to provide job opportunities for the autistics through aquaponics (community supported agriculture).

HKFYG Farm Organic Farm/Hydroponics (Social Enterprise)
The first social enterprise to receive the ORC-Cert award from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the first organic farm to be certified by the Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre.

New Life Farm Organic Farming (Sheltered Workshop)
Set up by The New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, the New Life Farm is the only agricultural sheltered workshop in Hong Kong which provides vocational training for ex-mentally ill persons.

i-Farmed Hong Kong (Hydroponic Agricultural Company)
We operates an indoor agricultural company that is environmentally conscious to support local production on a scale and to nourish our communities with a healthy, nutritious and healthy diet.

Supporting food factory workshop:

Grace Banquet Catering Services & Consultancy Limited
As one of the leading food factory workshops, Grace Banquet strives in producing high-quality meals and providing excellent catering services. The chefs and their team are always keen on participating in various charitable events to support the disadvantaged.

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