“LoveXpress – LoveRoller” SEN Sport Workshop


LoveXpress cooperates with different caring organizations to carry out positive behavior “SEN Sport  Workshop” to SEN children, so that they can enjoy equal opportunities. Through sports training and the assistance of special education therapists, we can enhance the interest in participation, broaden the boundaries and explore their possibilities.


In addition to providing training, we will hold the “SEN Roller-skate Competition” in October 2022 to help special education children set goals and feel the success after hard work, sweat and perseverance, and also attract the public’s attention and support for special education Sports Training. Let parents walk with their children and work together to build healthy and positive forces.

Why organize classes for children with special learning needs?

Yes, but there are not many options. They are expensive, and the results are not ideal.

Tutors usually focus on skills and knowledge, and do not know much about the characteristics of SEN children. They cannot help children progress through interest training, so the effect is unsatisfactory.

  • Effectively improve learning, listening to instructions, building confidence, concentration and social skills.
  • Provide multi-interest classes to explore SEN children’s potential from interests.
  • Let parents see the possibility of their children and improve the parent-child relationship.
  • Roller skating mainly trains children’s balance and speed control, it effectively assists SEN children with physical coordination, balance, and sensory integration problems. In the process, they can train their willpower and cooperate with teammates to improve their social skills.
  • The participation and assistance of parents is particularly important, not only to establish a parent-child relationship, but also to allow parents to see the child’s abilities from multiple perspectives.
  • Encourage participants to be motivated to keep practicing so that this interest can be developed.
  • Through the promotion of the competition, the community can raise their attention to special groups and increase the support and assistance of the public.

SEN Roller-skate  Workshop

 The training class is divided into two phases (November-December 2021 and May-June 2022)

Phase 1: 60 persons Phase 2: 60 persons
Participants: 5-12 years old SEN children / family
Coaches per class: 2 professional coaches + 4 volunteer coaches

SEN Roller-skate Competition

Date : October 4, 2022 (Chongyang Festival)
Venue: Southorn Stadium, Wan Chai
Time: 9:00am – 6:00pm
Eligibility: Open to all applications in Hong Kong ($20 application fee per person)
No. of participants: 250 (5-12 years old) SEN children

LOVE Ambassador - Grace Chan

Miss HK Champion

Head Coach - 蔡家齊

Head Coach of Hong Kong Roller Skating School,
With more than 15 years of roller skating teaching experience, the only roller skating coach who has won the 4th Hong Kong Sports Institute Elite Coach Award.

SEN Roller-skate Workshop Activity photos and parent feedback

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