Loving Stone Workshop


Bring social awareness and knowledge of autism, and subsequently enhance social inclusion of special needs individuals and families in different domains of life; the meditative and fulfilling result from the painting of loving stone throughout the attentive process.

The painted stones besides as a gift to express loving message to your beloved one, it can also be the ‘ambassador’ for another wave of autism awareness exhibition or fundraising activities within the participating organization / Lovexpress.

Workshop details
Particulars Remarks
2 - 2.5 hours
  •  What’s Autism talk (20-30 mins.)
  • Loving stone workshop (60 – 90 mins.)
  • Debriefing (15 mins.)
15 persons or above

Fees / Recommended donation to LoveXpress

HKD 400 / head
  • Incl. a loving stone, color and painting brushes, and a free autism booklet per participant
  • Excl. venue cost
At client’s venue*

* Assistance on booking external venue can be provided, if needed

We organize this workshop upon request from company, organization, schools, PTA etc.
If you are interested, please feel free t​o CONTACT US for more information.

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