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Ms Poon Ka Lai

Ms Fung Yuk Yee
(Executive Director)

Ms Lu Suk Ki

Ms Irene Suen

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Mr Wong Siu Kam

  • Prof Kenneth Sin (Director of Centre for Special Educational Needs and Inclusive Education)
  • Ms Nancy TSANG, JP (Former Chief Executive Officer of Heep Hong Society)
  • Mr. Tyrone Chan (Financial Investment Expert)
  • Ms Dorothy Wong (Senior Psychological Counselor)
  • Mr. Roger Chan (Expert Social Worker )
  • Ms. Monique Ho (Media Creator)
  • Dr. Henry Kwok (Psychiatrist)
  • Ms May Ho (Education Services)
  • Ms Patricia Kho (Marketing Director)
  • Ms Amy Ip (Senior Tech Media Creator)
  • Ms Martha Hao (Chairman of Hong Kong Medical and Healthcare Device Industries Association)
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    Ms. Ka Lai Poon ( Kitty )


    Kitty Poon was the Managing Director of fashion accessories manufacturer over 20 years. She led over 1000 employees, overseeing production, marketing, design and merchandising. Her own brand “Tiff & Tiffy”, has enjoyed a prestigious reputation in Europe, and United State.

    Born and raised in Hong Kong, Kitty went to the United States to pursue college education. Kitty had long decided to combine the best of these cultures and make the most of her life. She received her Bachelor degree in hotel management from the University of Houston.

    Before she devoted herself full time to social service, Kitty was engaged in projects helping Left-behind Children in mainland China. She established her own charity platform LoveXpress Foundation in 2013 and was registered as a non-profit charity in 2015. Kitty is a firm believer that love and compassion are innate in most people, and with determination and perseverance, the collective energy generated can genuinely impact communities in need.
    Kitty’s passion and visionary foresight in design and creation, combined with the knowledge and experience gained in manufacturing, and her staunch signature of love and perseverance have found the perfect synergy in the field of charity.

    Ms. Fung Yuk Yee ( Phoebe )

    Executive Director

    Phoebe graduated from the Department of Sociology of Hong Kong Baptist University and holds a Master of Science in Human Resource Management Strategy. Shee has worked in manufacturing, design and printing factories, and has worked in Mainland for more than 10 years. Phoebe has extensive experience in administrative and personnel management.

    In order to give birth to the second half, you can give back to the society. At present, she is fully committed to charity work and hope that the society will embrace positive thinking.

    Ms. Lu Suk Ki Katherine


    Katherine Lu is a distinguished name in the field of education. She founded Katherine Lu Music Centre 30 years ago and continues to offer top quality piano instruction and tailor-made English language workshops to Hong Kong students. She is also a piano instructor at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and has nurtured many talented musicians including Steinway artists. Katherine completed her secondary education at St Paul’s Coeducational College and is holder of a B.Sc. degree from Skidmore College and a M.A. degree from the University of Chicago.

    Prior to her full-time immersion in education, Katherine worked at HKTVB from 1977 to 1982 as senior program and market research executive, and from 1989 to 1992, she was Program Manager for World Channel at Asia Television. She was also a pioneer in computer education for children when she founded Children’s Computer Club in 1986 at the juncture when personal computer was first introduced to Hong Kong. Katherine is currently on the board of directors of two private charitable trusts – the Lui Ming Choi Foundation and the Pak Ming Tak Foundation. The former has built a total of 21 secondary, primary and kindergartens and continues to support education and the propagation of Christianity in Hong Kong while the latter focuses its efforts in helping underprivileged students attain secondary and college education in China.

    Mr. Wong Siu Kam ( Paul )

    ICT Director

    Since the 1990s, in addition to technology business, Paul has been committed to a wide range of community services, including volunteer training, teacher development and parent education. To promote sustainable development for community stakeholders, he also advocated for: “Pro-job,” “Pre-school, “Early Identification,” “Information Technology,” and “Social Inclusion.”

    In the past millennium, Paul worked with a group of young volunteers to build Hong Kong’s first Learning Disabilities Website (, which focuses on children’s learning and growth. The company has successfully won the “Accessibility Website” award from the Office of the Chief Information Officer of the Hong Kong Government for three consecutive years (2013-2015). In addition, he served as the president of the JCI Branch, the Information Technology Committee and the consultant of the Chamber of Commerce, where they have won the outstanding “World Wide Web Award” and the outstanding “Community Development Award” from international organizations. Paul also served as a member of the Second National Primary and Secondary School Students’ Information Technology Innovation and Practice NOC Hong Kong Divisional Competition. He was the supervisor in the planning process for the computer DIY project in Hong Kong, where the conference has awarded Paul as an exceptional leader. In recent years, Paul has collaborated with the Hong Kong Autism Alliance to further establish the “Greater China Autism Information Technology Education Award” to recognize outstanding scientific research achievements or innovative contributions in the region to support autism rehabilitation support or special education.