Our Work

Helping people with autism return to the community and grow up in a society where there is no discrimination, communion and mutual love is love. We aim to achieve this goal through a series of “care for autism” events. The project will enable people from all walks of life to participate, support and care for people with autism so that Social Welfare Schools can achieve synergy.

Service (Autism)

The autism community is our service target, with more and more people, less social cognition, and harm and discrimination due to lack of understanding. Parents have to take a step back and delay the golden period of treatment. They need us to understand and work more together to build a better society of mutual harmony and mutual love.

Community Awareness and Education

In view of the general public’s lack of recognition of autism, it leads to unnecessary misunderstandings and discrimination, love. Passing on a series of special events, including the “Love Stone” roving exhibition, “Love Stone” painting workshop and school talks, etc., will enable the public in different communities to have the opportunity to understand the special conditions and needs of autistic friends and their families. From compassionate care to support assistance to reduce social misunderstandings and improve mutual support and mutual love.

Early Intervention for Autistics Family

The plan mainly helps parents adjust their mentality as soon as they have just been diagnosed with autism, from negation to acceptance, face the facts face-to-face, and plan the process of assisting children.0 to 6 years old is the golden age of rehabilitation therapy for children with autism. If we can intervene early when the child has just been diagnosed, give parents effective guidance and assistance, master the rehabilitation direction, and choose the appropriate treatment, not only can ease the pressure on parents. The guidance of children on the correct rehabilitation road can also help parents understand that they are the key to the core. Couples can create hope for the entire family.

Career planning for Autistics

After completing their studies, young people with autism have a hard time gaining employment opportunities in the workplace. The project hopes to work with organizations such as businesses or social enterprises to allow young autistic youth to receive appropriate vocational training and support to help them broaden their horizons, enhance their communication skills, and allow business people to understand that they also have a certain ability to work. Opportunities for open employment can be greatly enhanced to achieve a win-win situation of social communion.


We have some videos about autistics from different sectors, including therapists, teachers, entrepreneurs, parents, etc., They allowing you to understand the autism children from multiple angles.
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