Jelly Cake Dessert


Made by autistic youth

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Terms and conditions

  1. Order must be made 3 working days before the delivery date (excluding Saturdays and public holidays).
  2. Delivery location is only available along the subway.
  3. All orders must be confirmed by the company’s reply.
  4. The order must be paid in full and cannot be cancelled or changed once accepted.
  5. All pictures are for reference only, and each jelly cake is made by hand. The finished work may has a bit difference.
  6. The above terms and conditions, LoveXpress Ltd reserves all the rights.

Shipping details

  1. Customer must arrive selected MTR station at the scheduled time and place. If customer is late for more than 15 minutes and we has not been informed, the delivery will be cancelled. The transaction will be abandoned or the customer without refund, or customer should take up the cake at LoveXpress Office on the following day.
  2. In case of No. 8 Gale Or Storm Signal, the delivery service will be suspended we will contact the customer for rescheduling.
  3. The last settlement is until 7pm
Jelly Cake Dessert

Additional information


Coconut, Ginger, Litchi, Mango


7", 9"


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