SEN Parent Counselling Funding Scheme

Project Objective

Parents who need to take care of children with special learning needs face greater financial and emotional pressures. When these pressures are too great to bear, they can cause serious emotional or mental distress, which can damage the relationship between family members and affect the parents ability to take care of their children. They need professional support.

However, most low income families cannot afford additional professional counselling services. In view of this, this project aims to subsidise parents of low income families to receive personal or couple emotion counselling to relieve their emotions and stress arising from nurturing children with special learning needs, and to promote communication and internal communication among family members. In the process, these parents will improve their ability to take care of their children.


Parents of children with special learning needs

Funding details

Subsidised sessions: 5 sessions can be applied each time (50 minutes per session)
Each family can receive a maximum of 10 sessions funding

Fee:Applicants only need to pay $150 per session*

*The basic fee was originally $600 per session, and the fund will subsidize the remaining. After the application is approved, applicant must pay $750 in one lump sum.

We will arrange counsellors to directly meet with the parents. If parents need to terminate the service during each period of counselling, they must have sufficient reasons, and the remaining funds will be refunded after the agency’s approval.

Service provider

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