STEM Family Inclusion Project


  • Let parents and their children learn in the same big space but in different classrooms at the same time.
  • Add value to the family unit, and enhance communication.
  • Learn positive behaviour management.
  • Practise inclusive education to enable mainstream and special educational needs (SEN) children and their families to recognise and accept each other in the same workshop environment.


4 lessons per child and parent (2 hrs per lessons)
Max. 40 families


PBS STEM Robot Workshop

Lead students to explore the world of science and technology through games,
improve children's interest in learning, concentration and emotional management.

  1. Through group training, STEM’s diversified visual strategy integrates mathematics, technology, engineering and scientific common sense to open the skylight for this skill for children.

  2. Through STEM, explore a variety of thinking skills, improve creativity, develop hand muscle motor skills, exercise skills.
  3. Based on the concept of “Positive Behaviour Support”, the workshop assists children to improve their behavioural problems and self-management skills in group activities.
  4. Learn from the experience of the game and discover each person’s potential from interest.

Target Group

Students (4-15 years old)
Children with special learning needs who can speak short sentences and with simple expressions are welcome.

Innovative Education Technology (STEM)

  • Explore a variety of thinking skills

  • Creativity

  • Improve the hand muscles and motor skills

  • Through programming, complex solving problem

Positive Behavior (PBS)

  • Team spirit and people management

  • Coordinating with Others

  • Improve self-discipline and Emotional Intelligence


"SEN" Energised Parenthood Workshop

(Support, Energying, Navigating)

  • Provide workshop for parents to enhance their self-knowledge and personal strength with experiential activities.
  • To enhance parents’ knowledge and skills in effective care, and management of special children at home.
  • Promote parents’ self-knowledge and emotional stability.


Parents or caregivers with SEN children
Can be referred by churches, tuition agencies,etc

Contact us at 28960323 for more information and make special arrangements.

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