Explore the world of robotics with our STEM workshop. We inspire children with ASD to explore the world of Science and Technology through fun and engaging activities and games! By introducing elements of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), the workshop not only stimulates their curiosity about the world but fosters their creativity and imagination from an early age.

We provide fun and enjoyable learning experiences that improve your child’s learning interests, focus, and emotional management skills. In a collaborative learning environment, children are also able to develop their social skills and unlock their unlimited potential. STEM education is beneficial in many ways, including developing flexibility, encouraging experimentation, promoting team collaboration, applying knowledge, utilizing technology, problem-solving, and enhancing adaptability. Provide an opportunity for them to develop these important lifetime skills in a meaningful way.


2 hrs/lesson, 4 lessons


LoveXress 9B, Chi Ko Industrial Building, 17 Cheung Lee St, Chai Wan